These plans represent several years of good effort in the attempt to fit the interior into the exterior of the Nautilus. The interior sets for Jules Verne’s epic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea were drawn to fit an early design of the Nautilus that was twice the length and eight feet wider than the final design shown in the film. The final design for the eleven-foot miniature listed that if built to scale the full size submarine would be one hundred seventy eight feet in length. After careful research this size proved to be impossible. A length of two hundred feet was necessary offering the best-fit overall.

The film takes place in 1868 therefore these plans were created to match the technology and building methods of the late 1800’s. I allowed a bit of leeway to make the systems possible, as Captain Nemo was technologically years ahead of his time. The entire boat was designed by Harper Goff with the ‘Ironclads’ in mind including all the overlapping plate iron and rivets of their era. Every system was painstakingly researched to match both the intent of the designer and his esthetic.

I hope you enjoy them.

-David McCamant


These plans would never have come to pass without the encouragement and help of the good members of DisneySub.com and specifically its creator, Theodore Wilhelm. Without Theo’s website, I would never have met the most knowledgeable and wonderful group of Nautilus fans that welcomed me into their midst.

Although DisneySub is no longer with us, the energetic members shared their time, expertise and ideas freely in good support of this project. The names of the members who help shape the final plans will be forever printed on the cover sheet to come.

For now, I can only humbly say thank you to one and all.